Shelter Maker

Shelter Maker Process:


Shelter is an essential part of human existence. Community is an essential part of self-resilience and self sufficiency. Implementing these elements so they perform integrated functions is at the core of permatecture.


Design Sets are an essential part of the design process. In order to test and validate ideas against concept ideas, functions and forms. 


Designing the Shelter Maker Process:

Drawing to understand the project idea from a conceptual level right through to documentation. Implementing the design is as crucial as coming up with it. With out the shelter designer involved in the building, the detail and strategy of the design become irrelevant to the completed shelter. Compromising the ethics, quality and environmental principles of the process. 


Ecological design strategies:

Design with how the site ecologically functions is essential to achieving the quality of shelter and comfort permatecture accomplishes. Strategies formed around an innovative approach to passive and thermal heating-cooling, natural lighting quality and the long life of materials. Producing a home that benefits the site is at the heart of what makes permatecture tick.


  • Architectural design

  • Professional documentation

  • Carpentry

  • Extensions & Renovations

  • New dwellings

  • Concept Designs

  • Building approval

  • Building service procurement