Providing the client with the first essential steps in either broad acre, residential scale or design development.

Finding the full potential and appropriate design that suits you and the land. Focusing around soil, water, property access, growing and infrastructure.


Developing a design brief that is unique to your context and requirements. Concept drawings to articulate the design and concept models to test and explain ideas. Communicating the design intentions with drawings, computer walkthroughs, holograms and photo montages.


Empowering education classes and workshops with permaculture all over the world. To encourage people to regain food sovereignty, clean water, shelter independence as tools as a part of self actulisation. Empowering community development through tailored workshops, designs, projects and classes.



Implementing site appropriate and client specific designs. Creating shelter that celebrates and integrates the functions and values of permatecture.  Ethical and environmental integration in implementation are integral to the design and construction authenticity. Providing a variety of project management and construction services.



Providing you with clear practical steps in either a broad acre or a residential scale. Planning and discussing the full potential of your property. With cost effective and appropriate designs that suits you, your property and home.


Key factors in planning:


  • Developing a design brief that is unique to your context.

  • Accessing site influences.

  • Micro climate analysis.

  • Forming the approach to materials.

  • Concept drawings to articulate the design.

  • Concept models to test and explain ideas.


Types of consultancies:


  • Walk and talk site analysis

  • Permaculture designs

  • Community & School Garden

  • Retro Fitting existing designs

  • Street gardens

  • Parks    

  • Farm planning

  • Veggie Boxes   

  • Community gardens

  • Meditation gardens 

  • Roof top gardens  

  • Market gardens

  • Native gardens


Tailored pricing for consultancy to fit your circumstances and your property. 




  • Small scale to broad acre planning and design

  • Farm planning 

  • Site analysis

  • Holistic management           

  • Practical implementation

  • Permaculture                  

  • Dam building

  • Carbon farming                

  • Drought proofing a property

  • Practical self-sufficiency    

  • Soil building

  • Site planning


Planning Approvals:

  • Local Government planning approval.

    • Ensuring your design complies with local planning overlays, zoning, water catchment, bushfire management overlays.


Building Approvals:  

  • Signed off by a registered builder and building surveyor.

  • Ensuring due diligence in documentation and structural quality. 


Systems Planning:

  • Improve the functioning of existing elements in a building, garden or design by applying the principals of design thinking of permatecture.


Tailored pricing for consultancy to fit your circumstances and your design,



  • Food Security

  • Water Security

  • Emergency house building

  • Permaculture

  • Natural building

  • Legal land tenure acquisition


Tailored pricing for consultancy to fit your circumstances and curriculum. 



  • Carpentry 

  • Onsite works 

  • Structrual building

  • Landscaping

  • Productive gardens

  • Retrofitting


Tailored pricing for consultancy to fit your circumstances.