Biodigradable Bamboo
Includes Masanobu Fukuoka Seed Bombs
Silicon hot grip and lid
Comes in a beautifully designed Permaculture box
$2 from your purchase goes to Design For Humanity: Action to End Poverty

Give the gift of growing this Summer.

The Permatecture Eco Cup

435ml: Medium
  • No return policy

  • Supporting Permatecture and the joined non for profit organisation:  Design for Humanity: Action to end Poverty INC.

    The foundations for the Permatecture Bamboo Eco-Cup:

    • Ethical: 

      • Care of people , Care of Earth & Faire share.

        • Environmentally regenerative by re-establishing the biosphere and the soil.

        • Supporting a social enterprise by co-operating with communities.

        • Giving the surplus to a non for profit organisation: Design for Humanity: Action to End Poverty.

        • Ethical, heirloom, open-pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO, no chemical treatment seeds.


    • Environmental: 

      • Biodegradable Bamboo.

      • Derived from sustainable bamboo plantations.

      • Reducing plastic by Re-using the Eco - Cup,  that can biodegrade back to the earth. 

      • Includes organic & non G.M.O seeds to grow food to gain environmental awareness.

    • Education:

      • Educational information about permaculture and upcoming projects.

      • Inspiring change and empowerment through education.

      • Educating people on how to gain food security and obtain clean water (rain water & landscape).

    • Value Based Economics: Regenerative community based enterprise tackling social poverty, providing lively-hood for communities in developing countries.

    • Socially Ethical: Social enterprise, educational product to encourage consumers to think and act with good intentions. Promoting environmental and ethical awareness.

    Goals: Expand to Ghana in Western Africa, Gaza, Middle East to bring food to the hungry and medicine to the sick, shelter to the homeless, and community to the worlds most vulnerable, all through permaculture projects.

    Permatecture: Established 2012, UTAS. A system of design that integrates how elements support functions by integrating natural shelter design, off grid living, passive (free) heating and cooling, site and client specific design following ethical and regenerative principles. 

    Permatecture profits support the non profit organisation Design for Humanity:Action to End Poverty INC. Establishing and supporting on-going permaculture projects in conflict areas such as Monterrey, Mexico.