Regenerative Design:


Permatecture (regenerative shelter) is system of design that integrates stems from site specific sustainability and client contextual ideas. Implemented in a practical way through geometry edge, design, integration, multi-functional use and a regenerative impact on the landscape. Integrating these through a synthesis of client brief, site analysis, functional analysis, design aspirations and environmental innovation.  The layers of thought and experience enriches the fundamental nature of the design out come into an optimally built environment . Striving towards a level of continuity only a holistic approach can achieve.


The aim of regenerative design means:


  • A holistic approach to client, site, ecological outcomes.

  • Thermal passive heating and cooling.

  • North facing design.

  • Grey water recycling.

  • Optimizing water tank.

  • Exceeding minimal Building Code requirements.

  • Creating habitat for endangered flora.

  • Minimizing construction wastage.

  • Responding to site specific issues in an innovative manner.

  • Creating an optimal ecological foot print.

  • Using only socially and environmentally ethical materials. 


Regenerative Outcomes:


  • Utilizing site advantages to increase.

  • Energy bills decreased or limited.

  • Non-toxic materials used.

  • Solar design. Response to clients holistic context.

  • Water harvesting and efficient planning.


waste to energy biogas pant

30 kWh- 3phase electricity