Education for Design for Humanity Inc is fundamental to empowering communities to be the change. 


 Creative thinking, active learning, exploring innovative ways to respond to climate challenges that occur socially, environmental and economically. Providing students with the simple steps on how to apply permaculture to everything from food production, energy systems, waste management, composting , community development and efficient house design. 


Private classes, consultations and designs are welcomed.

About the Teacher:  Stuart Muir Wilson


I worked and developed Tagari farm in Tasmania for 11 years learning permaculture with my grandfather Bill Mollison. 

Over these years we planted four different types of food forests, including a planting of 400 stone pines on the boundary which my brothers Jack and Jerome helped me to establish.


Three dams and two large tanks were constructed in this time period on the property which taught me how to apply key line principles and maximize water use age on the farm.


I was also instrumental in establishing the American Oak forest, leatherwood trees, and completing the dam walls. At Tagari Farm we created a fruit bowl concept in a gully formation, which we planted along with a large amount of windbreak systems and numerous animal forage systems. This property supported guinea fowl, ducks, geese, chickens, pigs, and therefore these were integrated into the forage systems. 


This lead me to follow a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture at UTAS. In 2007 I travelled to the Amazon in Brazil to learn permaculture from indigenous cultures, which instigated my further permaculture projects in Mexico. I then followed by key note speaking at the International Permaculture Conference in Cuba and Permaculture Voices in San Diego..


My grandfather instilled in me these three ethics of permaculture which I continue to live by today:


- Care of People

- Care of the Earth

- Fair share ( reinvest the surplus )

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