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September 2015
Regrarians Advance Design. Darren Doherty-Testimonial.                      November 2015

The R.A.D (Regrarians Advance Design) course is the essential professional development platform that all farmers and thinking people must do. The education, knowledge and education I gained here transformed how I work with the land and people. Covering insightful knowledge on how to establish water security (dams, keyline and planning) , soil and then the growth onto any dry land degraded land.


Not only did I gain the knowledge in how to transform a desert into an abundant landscape over broad acreage, through pragmatic, incremental and economical viable options, with a working aspiration to the Vision Regrarian's state in repairing the biosphere. I learned how business strategies, keyline, permaculture, holistic management have beneficial outcomes. Transform the climate of mind form one of competition to one of cooperation and self-actulisation.  I cannot speak highly enough of the ethics, values, principles, practical knowledge, business skills, presentation tips, resources and leadership Darren and Lisa have given me over the years. This wisdom has empowered my career to one of regeneration in conflict zones and humanitarian projects.     


Enabling the various 20 acre to 200 acre projects since the course to engage professional earth movers (David Spicer) to reach the next level of soil and water restoration. The skills of key line I gained from the R.A.D course changed the way I observed landscapes, planning, dam siting and soil regeneration. The P.A Yoemans scale of permanence proposes a practical sequential strategy of practical priorities to implement. Regrarian's approach enriches this approach with Darren’s 20 years of broad acre farm design and implementation experience.


The choice of words of regeneration over sustainability qualifies project outcomes to an ethic, value, principle and context. Informing the strategy to achieve the project vision. This approach of regeneration provides a biological, educational and financial yield that can be invested in the next stage of the project. Yet the vagueness and definition of sustainability is inherently difficult to implement and quantify. Moving away from the feel good/buzzword of ‘sustainability’ to the pragmatic professionally accountable and quantifiable word of regeneration. The way in which the Regrarian movement engages language gives meaning to the vision, strategy, planning that informs the act of implementation. This academic to action approach moves away from dogma to one where the approach is based on ethics and values. The intellectual virtues of the Regrarian platform have provided numerous businesses and nonprofits a practical strategy on how to achieve the vision stated in the Regrarian's Handbook.     



The business planning and skills ensure financial viability and return on investments for projects. Which is essential in the longevity of any project. Without a business plan from the holistic context specific client the project is sure to be inappropriate to the site, environment or financial context. In addition Regrarian has provided training and project guidance to nonprofits and subsistence farmers across the the globe.


The humility, dignity, integrity, compassion, accountability, transparency, awareness and listening skills of the Regrarian Platform is what is desperately to address the ecological and economical inequality underlying socially, economic and environmental symptom based issues.


Yours sincerely,


Stuart R. Muir Wilson


M.A arch (HONS) 2012


Bachelor of Environmental Design 2010    

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Design for Humanity: Action to End Poverty




The vision of design for humanity is to foster a creative human intelligence that grows the collective humanity of society and human culture. Through combining creativity, emotional intelligence, poverty of spirit and mind can overcome any problem. Which is the root cause of violence and greed. Two of the underlying issues that perpetuate fear and anger. Which manifest in terms of control of the mind and societies meger aspirations and superficial desires.  


Creativity for problem solving with compassion proves to be a powerful idea for self actulisation. This process begins with an intention that comes through reflection, experience and foster an imaginative thought process. This intention is stimulated by combining new and existing ideas that address current and pressing problems.


Mission statement


To end poverty and create an environment where humanity can reach its full potential.




To create a monument to human thought, creativity, solutions, ideas, humanity and emotional intelligence. That motivates and inspires visitors from all walks of life to be a part of something bigger than their own need for shelter, land or wealth.


By ensuring every person has access to food, water and shelter. Empowering the world's most vulnerable individuals and communities with education and development projects.


End poverty of the human spirit now.


That fosters and grows human creativity and emotional intelligence.


Creativity for problem solving and and solution evolution as verb.






Drawing to create ideas that inspire creativity and change.



  1. Reduce, reuse recycle.

  2. Ask many yields of one function.

  3. Professional accountability.

  4. Ethical accountability

  5. Honor your word.

  6. Ethical.

  7. Care of People.

  8. Care of Earth.

  9. Grow creative, compassionate intelligence.




Buckminster Fuller: Ideas and integrities


Rudolf Steiner.


Alan Watts


Bill Mollison


David Holmgren


Gunter Pauli


Eckhart Tolle


Note book. Trace, graph paper, quotes, ideas, drawings, grid ideas


Javier Senosiain