Stuart Muir Wilson

Master of Architecture (hons)

Designing circular economy systems with ecological justice. Local solutions for global problems. Stuart is an experineced international lecturer and consultant in systems thinking, architecture and ecological justice. Creating and implementing circular economy system solutions in Australia, Nepal, Mexico and Germany.


Developed at the University of Tasmania, the Castle or Tiny Home project provides shelter and sense of home for the most vulnerable in our society. Implementing this project in Brunswick, Melbourne over the course of 2018.

Bioenergy Consultant

Re imagine your design or creative creation with these incredible holograms. The future is here. Utilising technology developed by HoloTech Switzerland AG. 



The power of Mycelium (the mushroom plant) is awe inspiring. With the ability to remove toxins from contaminated environments, rehabilitate oil spills and connect humanity to the immune systems of nature. This overlooked macro science has demonstrated the ability to unleash the potential of humanity teaming with eco-systems. Allowing both to flower at the consecutively.


Implementing environmentally appropriate and client specific designs. Creating shelter that celebrates and integrates functions and the values of permatecture.